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Find Best Health and Life Insurance Leads Online

Find Health and Life Insurance Leads Online

Author: mike miller
If you are an insurance agent, chances are that you already know about buying auto insurance leads online.  But did you know that you can also buy life and health insurance leads?
As an insurance agent, you know the great value of finding quality leads.  Like any good agent, I'm sure that you follow up on any and every lead as soon as you possibly can.  This is the best way of continuing and growing sales and it is vital that you follow every insurance lead if you want to maintain a health business.  Regardless of your methods (cold calls, newspaperr ads, trade shows, word of mouth leads), there will come a time when you are sitting around with absolutley no new leads.
The next time you find yourself in this situation, you should consider buying health insurance leads and life insurance leads online.  Insurance lead providers specialize in finding you people that want to buy.  Everyday, new people will go online to find cheaper quotes for their health insurance and life insurance.  Many of the sites that they come across will be in the form of a lead submission form.  When they enter their contact info and submit the webpage, their info will be sent to the lead  provider.  The provider will then sell these leads to you, the insurance agent.
These people specialize in finding fresh, accurate leads, so you don't have to worry about where your next sale is going to come from.  You simply have to sign up for you leads and you can buy leads in any quantity that you choose.  Some providers even offer free bonus leads when you first sign up.
Make sure to shop around for the best insurance lead provider.  Some will sell general leads, while other sell leads for specific insurance types.  Some will even give you a preview of the potential lead, so that you can choose which leads to buy.  Hometown Quotes is a great lead provider because they offer you a personal account representative and they only offer highly targeted leads.  If you are looking for health and life insurance leads, then give them a try.
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Mike is a software developer, web designer, and loving father.  He also actively looks to buy insurance leads online to help with his insurance sales.