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How To Promote Brand Awareness in 2013

Top 5 Promotional Items for Brand Awareness in 2013

Author: William King
Have you ever thought why despite cut-throat competition in modern wholesale industry some wholesale suppliers are successfully continuing their operations while the majority of new entrants are leaving industry with billions of dollars in loss? This is because successful companies have established their brands and now they hold a special place in the minds of their customers. Now as new businesses are launched every day in the already saturated markets, the establishment of business brand is no longer an easy task.
Promotional Items for Brand Awareness
Brand Building through Promotional Items – A successful Strategy!
Though competition in wholesale industry has revolutionized the brand building process yet there are certain brand awareness strategies that are still in practice due to their high rate of success. In this regard, brand building through promotional items is the top most strategy which does this job without requiring significant monetary investment compared to other marketing strategies.
You can have an idea about the high success rate of brand building through promotional items from the results of a survey which revealed that 94% of people remembered what promotional items they received during the last two years while 89% also knew the advertisement featured on them. For wholesale suppliers, distributing promotional items is even more inexpensive because unlike other business groups, wholesalers don't need to distribute them to the masses but only to retailers in their target market.
After global recession, 2012 remained a better year for the performance of economies worldwide. The end of 2012 on positive note is leading worldwide wholesale corporations to expect drastic increase in demand of their wholesale products and corporate earnings in 2013. In order to raise brand awareness successfully in 2013 and garner more sales, the following five items can make perfect promotional gifts for wholesale suppliers.
Item # 1: Grocery Totes
To become eco-friendly, many countries have banned the use of plastic bags and so the need of reusable grocery totes in these countries is very high. While using them, recipients get to know about the business and the ease it is providing in their life. Moreover, when they go to grocery stores, many other shoppers look at the logo printed on grocery totes and come to know about your business presence and the wholesale products it sells. It's free marketing.
Item # 2: T-Shirts
A free T-shirt made of a nice fabric makes the perfect giveaway. Every time the recipient will wear the shirt, he will think of your business. Make sure you add a logo or message of your company at the front or back of the shirt. This makes everybody, who meets or passes by the recipient, read your company message.
Item # 3: Promotional Pens
No matter what our age and the nature of the profession are, it's true that we all like to have pens. Even if we don't need a pen, it never hurts to keep too many of them in our drawers. If you print your company's logo on pens and get some branded company to manufacture them, these pens will carry great weightage for recipients. In order to increase the table life and their response rate, you can also distribute refillable pens.
Item # 4: Touch screen Gloves
This is a digital age where we all like to spend hours commenting on posts and liking pages on Facebook either on our smart phones or on our tablets. In the winters, when people want to keep their fingers warm while still being able to operate their touch screens, touch screen gloves make the perfect promotional gifts. Distributing highly receptive touch screen gloves with printed logo in multiple sizes and attractive colours provide ease to recipients and generate more sales.
Item # 5: Chocolate Treat
Imagine how it makes you feel when somebody gives you a box full of chocolates with different flavour wrapped in glittering paper and decorated with colourful ribbons? Chocolate treats not only make promotional gifts for special events but they make the perfect gifts for customers throughout the year. The feeling of receiving a free and a delicious chocolate box having 3, 9 or 12 different chocolates leaves a long lasting impression on prospective customers.
No matter what is the nature of your business, distribute these five promotional items as these will not only eliminate the need of business card marketing but will also guarantee higher sales in 2013.
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