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How To Skin care in winter waether

Winter Skin Care Ideas

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winter beauty.jpgwinter months are in full swing, meaning strong winds, biting chill and low temperatures. But i am not saying savvy Chicagoans will be spending the season hibernating indoors. On the other hand, the winter months are a time for you to enjoy the excellent shopping of Oak Street, eat the wonders of the Field Museum, and continue strolls with family and friends down North Michigan Avenue. However in order to brave the cold and then take in the sights and sounds of winter, it is important to take extra steps to make sure our skin remains protected and healthy through the season.

We have all been there: It's 2 days before the big holiday party where you'll see everyone and perhaps run into your ex-boyfriend or ex-BFF. You stop and obtain a look at yourself in an unflattering mirror and say, "Yikes! What went down to my face?" The good thing is that you probably look fine, but you will find quick fixes that don't involve a needle or perhaps a scalpel. Below is an expert strategy for getting your glow back, softening lines and firming the face in just two days' time.

Winter is among the worst times for your skin - skin becomes drier and rough, loses its glow and starts looking tired! No surprise you need to take special care during the season via a balanced diet and a regular skincare routine.

Winter is the worst season for those who have dry skin - flaking, itchiness and tautness is usual and neglect of daily care can certainly lead to habitual dehydration, with sensitive skins and red patches.

It is important to remember is to stay hydrated. This really is essential all year round, but specifically in winter. While it may be more tempting to warm yourself track of a skinny latte or perhaps a good old cup of tea, too much caffeine can make you dehydrated and make your skin dry out. Sure, have something to help keep you warm, but why not try herbal tea instead of that black coffee.Winter is commonly dry and cold, which isn't the very best situation for your skin. To make sure your skin stays youthful looking, be sure you exfoliate. Open up those pores and take away that dead skin to keep you looking fresh. Use a gentle exfoliator that won't take away your skin's natural moisture, causing you to look brighter even when it's dark outside.
Moisturize. In the end all do this regularly, it's remember this to do so in the night as well as the mornings. The skin needs more of a boost throughout the cold weather, as central heating can easily dry out your skin. Remember, once you start turning up the thermostat, it's time for you to increase the time you spend taking care of your skin.

some easy ideas to take care of your skin during winter months:-   Body wash:- Use body wash rather than soaps, this will help your skin from becoming dry as quickly.

Moisturising cream:- Moisturisers are cold to use during winter, so try placing the body moisturiser into a bowl of warm water to warm it up. Also, by making use of your moisturiser straight after your shower you'll help to lock the moisture out of your shower into your skin.

Lip balms: - A lip balm with higher moisturising properties is a MUST during wintertime, as lips tend to get chapped throughout the season. Choose a lip balm that is rich in Vitamin E and contains a SPF.

Exfoliant: - You may want to increase your exfoliation during winter skin care. Use an exfoliant with Lactic Acid inside it. It will gently digest your the dead skin cells and also increase the hydration levels inside your skin. This is extremely important during wintertime.

Jojoba oil: - Buy a relaxing Swedish massage. This can nourish your skin with vital nutrients. You may also pop a few drops of essential Jojoba oil to your everyday bath - have the wonderful effect it has on the skin, even in the dry times of winter.

Facials:- Your body definitely needs some pampering in the wintertime. Indulge in a deluxe facial where your treatment begins with a back, neck and shoulder massage to alleviate you of any kind of stress. You're then indulged with our highly popular Signature facial. Have the wonderful difference it makes for your skin.

Therefore, going that extra key to pamper the skin with moisturisers and emollients is imperative. Renowned beauty and skincare expert Shahnaz Husain suggests the following advice to care for your skin during the winter season.

For normal to dried-out skin

Use a cleanser containing natural aloe-vera, cactus and lemon. Natural aloe-vera has the power to restore moisture and it has potent healing properties too. It's an anti-oxidant that speeds up the process of cell-renewal. An aloe cleanser works well for softening and removing dead cells, accelerates cell regeneration and delays ageing.

Keep your skin moisturised, always

During winter, the surface of skin becomes very dry it is therefore important to keep the skin moisturised. Even anyone who has oily skin must use light moisturising lotions after cleansing to help keep the skin soft.

Use a sunscreen

People prefer to enjoy the sun during winter but little will they know that exposure to the sun can hasten ageing. Therefore, you have to use a sunscreen 15 minutes prior to going out in order to allow the skin care ideas to soak up it. If you stay in the sun for more than 30 minutes, reapply the sunscreen.

Skin nourishment

Nourish your skin every night if you have normal to dried-out skin. Apply a skin life anti-ageing cream and massage it onto the skin with a little water. Use outward and slightly upward strokes. Be sure that the cream is rich in Vitamins A and E.

For very dried-out skin

- If your skin is extremely dry and dehydrated, stay away from soap.

- Apply a lemon-turmeric cream before washing or bathing. It protects your skin from further moisture depletion. Additionally, it softens the skin. The healing property of turmeric soothes and cures dehydrated skin.

- Following a bath, apply a body lotion as the skin is still damp. It will help to seal the moisture.

Heal those cracked heels

Soak the feet in warm water at night for Fifteen minutes. Scrub with a pumice stone. Apply apricot cream and tie gauze round the heels and feet just like a bandage. Keep this on the whole night. Do that every night for a week.
Skip the soap - which can leave skin feeling dry, itchy and irritated - and opt for an at-home microdermabrasion treatment - like Mary Kay's two-step TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set - to help polish your skin back to its natural beauty. "The super-exfoliating cream gently removes dull skin, to reveal more radiant, healthy-looking skin," says Debra Joseph, the director of marketing and communications at Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. "Post-exfoliation, follow up with our nourishing serum to instantly smooth, soothe and soften the appearance of the skin, readying it for the next step in your skin care routine."
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