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How to Work Out on a Budget

How to Work Out on a Budget?

Author: Joy Mali
Applying for a gym membership or simply working out in a gym in a walk-in basis can become very expensive. A complete exercise regime includes exercises for the abs, arms, back, chest, core, leg, shoulder, cardio, stretching, fat-burning and more. Some of these exercises even need a personal trainer to assist you, which is sometimes an additional cost on top of your membership fee. The good thing is, it is totally possible to improve your fitness in all of these areas without having to pay a fortune for a membership. With the correct planning of your regime, without the requirements of heavy and big equipment, you will be able to stay fit while allowing you to save money on exercise.

1. In any form of exercise, you will always begin by walking, then jogging, then running. The time it will take for you to walk, jog or run will solely depend on your level of fitness, overall health and your own goals. This kind of exercise which is called the Aerobic exercise, is an important component of any exercise plan as this is what makes your regime complete. You will always start your session with aerobics and end your session with aerobics as well. All it takes to greatly improve your health is to invest in a really good pair of cross trainers and you are set. For more advanced aerobic exercises, you could opt to add a jump rope in your routine and borrow fitness DVDs.

2. Add strength training to your fitness regime by doing push-ups, sit-ups and squats. These can be totally done by you without the help of any trainer. Increase the number of strength training exercises by obtaining a set of dumbbells. To save money on your workout routine, buy the equipment you need from garage sales, local thrift stores or at online shops. You would be surprised to see how many people are selling their old gym equipment just because they aren't using them. Another option that will allow you not to spend a penny is to use canned goods as your dumbbells.

3. If you are employed or have health insurance, ask them if they offer free or inexpensive exercise classes. If they do, you will have the option to pay for individual exercises instead of joining a health or fitness club that will charge you high for the use of their equipment. Furthermore, a cheaper and much fun way to exercise is to create or organize a group of people to work out with. This way you would be able to exchange fitness routines and ideas without spending anything.

4. If your fitness routine necessarily needs gym equipment, instead of buying, take advantage of celebrations such as your birthday and Christmas and ask your families and friends to give you gym equipment.

5. If you are having a hard time performing your exercise routines by yourself, you can opt to consult with a personal trainer once or twice. Take advantage of your consultation sessions by asking him to teach you how to do all of your routines and by asking him to give you fitness plan with the equipment you already own or have.

Working out on a budget is totally possible. The exercises mentioned earlier require no or only minimal equipment and only needs a good pair of rubber shoes to get you started. Checking credit reports would be less frequent with the tips listed above and you will be able to improve your health without going over your budget and ruining your credit scores.
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