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Solid Tips On ICBC Injury Claim

ICBC Injury Claim Tips

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Being in an accident can be a traumatic experience and often, the physical damage you suffer is compounded by the emotional aspects. This is especially true in cases when the crash is a serious one, and people have been badly hurt. Under such circumstances, your mind may be far removed from the financial aspects, but it is vital you take a look at your ICBC autoplan Vancouver policy at the earliest to make your injury claim. Here are a few things to keep in mind to improve the probability of an easy and successful claim settlement.
Pay Attention to What you Say
Immediately following an accident, the driver or the passenger is too shaken to be aware of what he or she says. Remember that the comments you make at this time may be held against you at a later time. This is especially true of what ICBC calls "No Fault Collisions, " in which the crash is caused because of slipping on ice while driving, or because the driver had a heart attack when driving or an animal suddenly bolted onto the vehicle path. When ICBC representatives ask about how the collision occurred and you say it was not anybody's fault, it is quite likely that this will be put into the category of "No Fault Accident" and the fact that there was no fault means that the claim will not be entertained.
Procure Medical Evidence
Logically speaking, someone who has been injured in an accident will definitely see a doctor for treatment; a failure to do so can be taken to mean you were not significantly affected by the accident. Therefore, make it a point to see a qualified doctor immediately following the accident, describe all your injuries thoroughly and ensure these are covered accurately in his or her report. Follow the prescribed treatment and save all documentation that shows the specific therapy you have undergone following the accident.
Be Consistent in your Communication
The single biggest factor that can work against you when it comes to awarding your claim is any sign of inconsistency in your communication. The information you provide, the paperwork you fill out, the reports and bills you submit should all say the same thing, and provide correct information. Any inconsistency is bound to evoke the adjuster's suspicion and can lead to a deeper digging to unearth something that works against your claim.
One of the most important things to remember is that you can claim personal injury only if you have been injured in an accident, not if you have caused it. However, the amount of compensation you finally receive depends on several factors such as how serious your injury is, how it has affected your capacity to work, the suffering you have undergone, the projected expenses for your future care as well as the legal costs you have had to bear to pursue the claim. Speak to a lawyer to get specific information regarding these aspects much before you communicate with ICBC autoplan Vancouver authorities.
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