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5 useful tips for iPhone

5 useful tips for iPhone 5 users

Author: bigbenarthur
If you're reading this thinking you have no idea what to do with an iPhone 5 then you have found the right page, as I will give five fantastic tips on how to get the most out of your iPhone 5. There are many ways which you can improve the performance and make everything more incredible whilst owning an iPhone 5.
  1. Security
Obviously you will want to keep your mobile phone as secure as possible so, i will show you easy ways to keep unwanted mitts from your precious personal information. You set your iPhone with minimal security which includes just swiping across the screen to unlock the phone, but you can also set up a 4 digit PIN to keep people out and you can also set that all the data to be erased if the PIN is entered incorrectly ten times in a row if you are feeling brace enough.
  1. Social Media
Finally two of the most popular social media programs have been implemented into the new operating system released by Apple. This means we can now share any content you have a lot more easily on Facebook and twitter, you can also end up syncing all of your Facebook friends into your contact book so you can never lose touch with all your friends again. To do all of this all you need to do is set up your accounts in the Setting menu and you will never have to enter them again.
  1. Siri
If you have never used Siri before you can find out what exactly it does by holding down the Home button to bring up Siri. When Siri asks what you want to do just tap the "i" button and you can see what Siri can help you with. You brand new feature of Siri is that you can teach it about people and also locations. There are many other features such as dictating messages and emails and also post social updates on Facebook and Twitter.
  1. Camera
You can now access the camera from the lock screen to stop wasting time going through a hundred different menus which can save you a lot of time. A new feature of the iPhone 5 is that you are now able to take panoramic photographs through the camera, all the you have to do is go to settings through the camera app and it will show you how to do it but basically you just pan around to capture the panoramic photo and press done when you are satisfied with the photo.
  1. Miscellaneous
If you are not in the mood to be disturbed by messages or calls then you can just go into settings and turn "Do Not Disturb" on and any calls messages won't bother you. You can also set up your own personal shortcuts for typing messages by going to the keyboard settings menu in settings. You can also find a free user guide for the iPhone 5 by going to the bookmarks page in Safari.
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These are some fantastic tips for the iPhone 5 and if you look all over the internet you will be sure to find even more tips and tricks. If you are looking for any more hints then go have a look at Orange Accessories where you can find many mobile phone accessories which will be able to match your mobile phone needs.