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Advantages of Software telephones over Hardware telephones

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Software phones are likely to become a part of our lives in the days to come. These phones use a technology in which voice data gets transferred through the Internet. If you consider the traditional hardware systems, they use PSTN for transmitting voice data on a network that consists of many hardware items like cables, other connections that are wireless and switch exchanges. In software telephones, voice is transmitted as digital data. On the end where the voice originates, the data gets encoded and on the receiving end, it gets decoded. Depending upon the software made available by the providers, the packages may differ in their functionality.
Software phones can be used just like traditional handsets also. They can be used as a software on a computer or they can be used as a Mobile software also. Examples of software phones used on a computer are Skype, G Voice Chat, etc
For using a traditional hardware telephone, there should be a network, hardware items like cables, exchanges, etc. But, in software telephones, the data networks that are currently available can be used. The advantages of software telephones over hardware telephones are as follows:
- The main benefit is that functionality improves to a great extent in software telephones. This is because more options for communication are available in them than in the hardware telephones. The Internet service provider will have provided a software for using these software telephones. So, the providers themselves will make things up-to-date according to the latest innovations that keep taking place. Since the communication channels are soft-ware driven, tools like video conferencing, etc. will also be available. This will help businesses to cut costs on travels for having discussions and interactions with other offices that are available in various locations. Further, software phones are easier to use than the hardware telephones. For dialing, the phone numbers have to be just clicked on the computer. Other benefits are phone directories on the computer, caller ID that can be self-managed, etc.
- Since software phones function with the help of the Internet, the excellent services of the Internet service providers will be available.
- There is more flexibility in software telephones than in hardware phones. Cost-effective scalability is another benefit that can be derived from software telephones. In hardware telephones, scalability is more expensive because there is a need for more amount of hardware. Software telephones can be accessed from any place where Internet connection is there. Such an access is not possible with hardware telephones because they need both physical network and exchanges for getting the required connection.
- As far as the costs of software telephones like VoIP are concerned, they are much less than the costs of hardware telephones. Because of improved communications and benefits like video conferencing, etc., costs are reduced indirectly also.
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