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Definitions Conference Call

Conference Call Definitions

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Attendee Head Count
The phrase given to the amount of contributors in a particular conference call is attendee head count. The host / coordinator of the conference will get this information. In some systems, the facility is available through a key combination of eight followed by *. A voice message announces the number of contributors to the host/organizer.

Attendee Name Announce
That every contributor must record their identity at the time when getting into a particular conference is what this function is about. The identity might be then introduced to the gathering.

Audio Conferencing
The concept of linking two or more parties through digital arrangement, for the purpose of implementing voice interaction between them, irrespective of their geographical places is referred to as audio conferencing. In Mexico this is referred to as Audio Conferencia Mexico.

Conference Bridge
The term given to the equipment used route and manage signals from and to contributors coming to a conference call is conference bridge. The signals may be data, audio / video.

Conference Code
A string of specific numeric digits that permit contributors aspiring to enter a conference call to log into the system is referred to as the conference code. Individuals that are not authorized to access a meeting are kept out with this code.

Conference Call ID
Conference call Id is a program that does numerous admin features in the period of a conference call, like figuring out particular conference calls, call details - such as date, time, amount of participants, total number of minutes, and so on -, and in addition archives an archive of the conference recordings. The information is beneficial to the conference call service supplier/manager.

Conference Call Preview
Conference call preview is a facility to preview all of the conference calls recorded by the call originator / organizer. After preview, the recordings could be uploaded by them to their website.

Conference Call Transcript
The text equivalent of the conference call which was put down by the phone call initiator / manager is the conference call transcript. That is very useful for any sort of archival or documentary substantiation.

Conference Recording
The facility required to record the transactions in an MP3 audio file happens to be the conference recording. This feature is achieved by pressing a key combination (say '5' then by '*') in some systems.

Conference Call Continuation
The facility used if a conference is needed to continue even when the initiator / organizer has hung up is the conference call continuation. This can be done by pushing a key combination (like pushing '3' then by '*'). When set off, the conference will proceed till the last contributor drops.

Conference Web Manager
A program that manages the complete transactions of the convention in real-time is labeled the conference web manager. As this system is hosted on the server, it takes care of all of the essentials that goes into a successful phone call.

Conversation Mode
Conversation mode is the the default setting in a conference call. The task is to permit members to communicate with each other at a time. The conference host has the choice to deactivate this mode at their will. Muting or un-muting members during the progress of a conversation lets them control the course the dialog is going.

Dial-in Number
To be able to take part in a conference call, members are needed to dial a phone number known as the dial-in number.

E-mail Invite
An email invite is the digital communication that the host sends out to prospective members to come attend a conference call.

End a Conference Call
Terminating of a conference call is accomplished by hanging up the receiver.

Reservationless Conference Call
A reservationless conference call is a model that doesn't require the host to plan a conference call ahead. The device is open to the host 24 hours a day, as and when they need it.

Other names for teleconference are telephone conference, audio conference, conference call and the rest. This is the technology that let it be possible for two or more persons to interact in audio communication at a time.

Teleseminar happens to be a conference performed in the format of a course or lecture, with one or more people making a display to their audience, all of whom are linked to one another via telephone.

Toll Call
A long-distance telephone call that a person is required to pay for is known as a toll call. It's the service supplier that determines the cost for a toll call plus the calling plans.

Toll Conference Call
Toll conference call is an audio interaction between two or more parties, where the parties are divided outside the local range. The major cost of this kind of conference call is the long-distance costs that the service supplier levies for the length of the conference. Also see Toll Call, Audio Conferencing and Teleconference.

Toll-free Conference Call
Toll-free conference call is a conference held on the audio conferencing mode, but which does not contain any long-distance cost. This is made achievable by a business model which requires the host alone to pay for the complete length of the meeting. Inside the United States, a toll-free conference call is possible between all of the states of the nation, plus Canada and Puerto Rico.
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