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How To Detect Discrepancies In Your SEO Techniques

Detecting Discrepancies In Your SEO Techniques

Author: Vijay Sharma
SEO is a skill and it ought to be used appropriately always, a single mistake is not acceptable.
Point To Consider-
Several techniques are deemed to be advantageous for SEO, but with passing times, the search engine algorithms alter and as a result the ranking of the website also fluctuates. You ought to be up-to-date with the shifting trend and modus operandi in SEO to constantly get the projected outcome for the website.
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However, mistakes happen and it is advisable to always cross check the website for detecting any anomalies in SEO, such that the ranking of the site is not hampered.  Given below are some very common errors that can be found after the process of SEO has been completed-
Incorrect Title – The very first element that the search engine crawlers take note is the title of the page. It is understood that the title typically describes all about the page is. Hence, it is essential to make use of the prime keyword in the title and stay away from illusory key phrases. It is best to avoid the use the same heading for all the web pages; exclusive title for each page is the ideal thing to do.
Erroneous choice of key phrases- Select the most advantageous keyword for the website. Do not make up keywords, but utilize Google keyword tool to search for standard competition key phrases with upright search degree. You can if at all possible opt for long tail keywords in place of single word key phrases.
Inappropriate content – It is mandatory to ensure the website's content is free from any errors and is 100% accurate. Using figures, statistics or even phrases you are not completely convinced about has to be avoided under all circumstances. Shun away from filling the content with keywords. Ideal key phrase density in the content could vary anywhere between 2 - 3 percent.
Spam Links Is A No- The website is the source for generating business leads hence, avoid using links from doubtful sources, bartering links with doubtful websites or those with a history of hosting malware. Do not get caught up in SEO link purchasing plans. Such attempts may lead to lasting banning of the business website.
Website maintenance is a must – Search Engine Optimization is not a quick fix. You have to spend on SEO at regular intervals, at least up to the time when you do not have substantial number of clients in your kitty. For better search engine ranking of the website you ought to conduct competitive study repeatedly.
SEO is no rocket science and neither a child's game. The best thing to do is to avoid making any of the above mentioned errors for getting the desired SEO outcome. Simply you need to carry out research be well-informed about developments related to SEO and upgrade the site from time to time.
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