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Solid Tips For Men's Fashion and Unique Style

Some BasicTips About Men Fashion And Men Style

Men fashion and style tips that each men should follow

Author: Rosca Alin
Men Fashion and style tips
Generally speaking men fashion and men style is not just about the clothes you wear and looking good in them. Of course  you must handpick those clothes that you feel you are comfortable with and if they are stylish it’s even better. Have confidence is the best advice anyone could give you related to your outfit and style. Here are some basic tips about men fashion and men style:
Smell good
Don’t overdo it . buy some nice fragrance that you like and wear it no matter it’s a rainy day or a sunny one. You will get compliments most of the time .
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There are more styles of shoes. Classic and trendy(fashion). It doesn’t matter which one you choose but a men with style and a little knowledge of fashion will always know what to chose for every piece of clothing he has.
We didn’t talk that much in previous posts about hair but you must give it full attention. Hair styling is not for everybody. If you see at TV some star with a nice haircut maybe it doesn’t fit you well like him. Try determine your face shape(round, oval  etc..) and then see some hairstyles you like for that kind of face type.
Color picking
Men fashion and men style is not just about the types of clothing is about colors too. Don’t be afraid to wear colors that you like. If you like blue wear it as often as you can , it will look good on you. Be sure to wear at least 2 colors anytime you don’t want to look that plain and simple.
Designer pants and jeans
Yes I know maybe you don’t have money for a designer pair of jeans but at lest try getting something similar. The back pockets should make your but look hot , and the jeans should be skinny down the leg.
Men’s accessories are really in high demand. The amount of accessories available for men’s today is just ridiculous. Buy a nice watch , buy a skinny tie, buy some cufflinks don’t be embarrassed to wear these pieces. They are top men style class.
Shave often. A clean face will look nicer without all that facial hair.
I think these are some basic tips about men style and men fashion . Try at least to follow them every time and you should be more than fine.
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