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Tips About Make Your hair Long

Tips on Having a Long Hair

Author: Duciag Ana Madalina
Many women dream of having a long, bright and remarkable beautiful hair. This is not an impossible thing to achieve, but it requires a lot of effort and patience.
In this article I will present some basic care tips that can help your hair grow as long as you want, but also helps keeping it healthy.
First of all, it's a good thing to know that the longer the hair, the harder it is to keep it shiny and healthy. We must take in consideration the factors that are dangerous for the health of our hair. Some of these factors are the external ones, such as wind, cold, sun, hair rubbing onto clothes and so on. They are not very harmful but they do affect the quality of our hair. Amongst the more "dangerous" ones there are the cosmetic procedures and products, which most of us cannot refrain to, but greatly affect the health of the hair. In this category we also can speak about the regular use of hair straighteners, frequently using a hair dryer, chemical substances found in styling products, solutions for discoloration or dye products.
If you desire to have a long hair requires time and patience, and to support its needs to grow healthy. First, it is necessary to have a healthy diet to provide all the necessary mineral resources for a strong hair. Nobody wants to have a long hair that is dull or damaged, so it is necessary to use care products that, if used consistently can prevent hair breakage or split ends. The best choice can be specially designed long hair care products, that contain nutrients and moisturizers. Some natrual extracts that are beneficial for having a healthy and beautiful hair are: olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, wheat bran extracts, milk, citrus juice and much more.
Closing the page, here are a few tips & tricks that you can use:
  • Applying a long hair balm every wash
  • Use thermal protection products if you straighten your hair or curl it
  • Use a moisturizing mask 2-3 times a week to prevent split ends and it is recommended to cut a few centimeters in length, every two months.
  • Use castor oil which is good for all hair types, it helps to moisturize and also serves to stimulate hair growth.
  • A massage for 5 minutes a day is a great gift for the scalp. You can do a dry massage or using an oil treatment. This practice stimulates blood circulation and helps you relax.
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