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What is SugarCRM

Know About SugarCRM

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In today's technology-driven times, CRM solutions help businesses streamline their customer management processes. CRM stands for customer relationship management being an integrated information system that is used to plan, schedule and control the presales and post sales activities in an organization. CRM embraces all aspects of dealing with prospects and customers, including the call center, sales force, marketing, technical support and field service. The primary goal of CRM is to improve long-term growth and profitability through a better understanding of customer behavior.

Some basic knowledge about SugarCRM
After the first launch, sugar has seen many releases. The first of them was sugar professional. It derived about 80% of the logics from the parent code with some modification to suit the professional requirement. The software is very easy to use with features that can be customized according to the companies need. Each company that has a sales force to be maintained should use sugar but it's amazing features make it a mandate for companies that are small scale and spend most of their capital in maintaining sales force.
Where we use SugarCRM
CRM in general is related to sales department but with SugarCRM departments like marketing, customer collaboration and technical support have been considered in the scope. Though the basic version is available freely, companies should go for commercial versions as the later ones have many add-ons. Some very useful ones are:
Email integration- Integrating sugar with email facilities has brought sugarCRM integration on almost every email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. You can send in mail to and from sugar directly, can synchronize calendars with emails, and manage projects.
  • Sugar on the go - Another major add is bringing sugar on mobile. You can communicate, send, receive, and archive any information on your tablet or smart phone with sugar mobile browser or sugar mobile plus.
  • Socially active - Sugar is now socially active with integration of Social Medias like Facebook and LinkedIn. Sales will increase, as there will be a lot of customers and clients from these websites. With email collaboration already present, introduce your company to those in the network.
  • Multi-lingual support - This is very helpful for companies operating on global basis. The software has 22 inbuilt languages to help win client in all the cases. The configuration is very simple with language arranged in alphabetical order. Not just language, sugar has multi-currency options available too for faster operation.
SugarCRM customization is pretty easy. Selection, implementation and deployment are carried out by trained professionals. Complete solutions are provided to a business to meet the demands of a customer. Integration is carried out as software-as-a-service model or as enterprise server model. It all depends on what a business is seeking and how well the organization is established in the market. A company can plan the upgradation according to the demand from the customer. The web application records data, maintains, and retrieves the same irrespective of time and location.
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