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how do you know if your phone got wet?

IPhone Water Damage: How to Tell and What to Do

Author: John Ethen
There is no fool proof way of keeping your iPhone safe from damage. Especially damage incurred because of water or other liquids. After you have gotten your iPhone, damage caused by water is just about the worst thing that can happen, and is even more upsetting if your phone was brand new.
Here are a few steps you can take to determine if your iPhone has been exposed to water.
So how do you know if your phone got wet? The iPhone 3G has a liquid indicator installed inside. Trying to dismantle the iPhone yourself will only cause more damage that will make it irreparable. Before determining whether your phone requires iPhone water damage repair, what you can do is look at the bottom of your iPhone, the strip underneath should be white, if you find that the strip is red then it means the phone has been exposed to water.
Here are a few indications to look out for.
· In just like any other phone, when exposed to water or other liquids, the phone will display a WSOD which is short for white screen of death. This persistent display is the first indicator that your iPhone has been exposed.
· Boot loops, this includes all boot loops including the DFU boot loop and hard boot loop.
· Phone speakers and mics begin to act out or fail to work altogether.
· Having problems charging the phone.
· Unable to power on or boot the phone.
· Exposure to water might also cause it to overheat.
· Random display of error signs and opening of random applications.
If any of the above things occur, it is possible that by that time all data which was stored in the phone has been lost. To avoid losing information, it is advised that you back up your data so you can re-sync after the iPhone water damage repair is complete.
What You Can Do if your iPhone Got Wet
There are many iPhone repair stores out there, but the truth is that there is only so much they can do. An important tip to keep in mind is that you should turn the phone off immediately after you think it's been exposed to liquids. The longer the iPhone is on while being exposed to water the more damage it will cause.
If you are unable to turn off your phone, attempt a force kill by pressing down the power plus home button for a few seconds. After you have turned off your iPhone, get a bag of raw rice, any bag will do and put your phone in it. By placing your iPhone in a bag of raw rice it will absorb most of the moisture giving you time to get to phase two. Contact the vendor or one of the iPhone repair shops in your area.
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