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How To Sell Structured Insurance Settlement With A Good Profit

5 Tips To Sell Structured Insurance Settlement With A Good Profit

Author: Juhani Tontti
When a person plans to sell structured insurance settlement, he has to establish a special project. That means, that he will create an attitude, that he will get a top price for that great plan. A typical situation, when a person starts to plan to sell structured insurance settlement is a life change, i.e. a person has met a sudden growth in the life expenses in the form of the increased medical bills, for instance.
1. How The Value Will Be Calculated?
When a settlement plan includes payments, which are planned to come during several years in the future, the selling price depends on how we see the future economically. Do we see it as a period of the higher interest rates and lower growth or how? What we know is the running time of the plan. So we have to transfer the future payments into this moment using certain interest rate. The higher the rate, the lower the present value and the lower the rate, the bigger the present value.
2. Use The Same Fact Sheet To All Bidders.
When you have decided to sell structured insurance settlement it is important to ask quotes from several companies. It is a must, that you have to be able to compare these offers, i.e. they must include the same items. You can lead this process by using the items already, when you will ask quotes.
3. Build A Bidder List.
It is important, that you will get the money, when you will sell structured insurance settlement to some company. The requirement is that the buying company is a legitimate venture, which has operated in the industry for many years. The credit information and the key figures must tell about a healthy company.
4. The Bidders War Is The Motor Of The Process.
When you ask quotes from many bidders, you can easily compare them. And you make it wise, if you let them know, that they have to fight for your deal, that there are many companies bidding to get your deal. They will see, that you will take this job seriously.
5. Use The Expert Services.
To sell structured insurance settlement is not a simple and quick job. It requires a lot of expertise and an ability to handle the buyer candidates so, that they start to respect you. If a person will sell structured insurance settlement once in his lifetime, how can he become an expert. So it is wise to use the services of the special brokers, who know the habbits in this market.
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