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How To Use Optimal URL for E-Commerce Websites

Use Optimal URL for E-Commerce Websites

Author: lavainfotech
Online business has become the in thing today with many businesses opting to increase their online sales and visibility. Ecommerce websites cater to online business of various types. There are websites that sell the simplest of products like mobile phones to websites that sell services ranging from simple to financial related. Any ecommerce platform hosting a site has specific URL structure that in turn has animpact on a site's search engine optimization. URLs are created following rules specific to each platform.

It is worth observing why URLs are modified. These URLs are static and often are rewritten to solve issues posed by crawlers for search engines. Dynamic URLs and parameters in static pages are better avoided. Clean and pretty URLs are welcome with dashes instead of spaces and underscores. Relevant keywords in URL are workable but cannibalization is unwelcome. URLS should give users a fair clue as to what the pages hold. URLS are better crawled when shortened.

Complex URLs with lot of folders and parameters do not allow an ecommerce website to be indexed by the search engines. Flow of organic traffic through search engines is almost zero in such URLs. The most popular search engines like Google and Bing prefer optimal URLs. Keywords and descriptive words in URLS give search engine another algorithmic insight. Optimal URLs are short, static, relevant and unique and are highest in relevancy factor.

Both from SEO point of view and customers, a URL can make or break the way an ecommerce website generates revenue. Search valuable attributes could be incorporated into the URL to optimize performance.

A good Search engine optimization services company can determine how to optimize URLs for eCommerce websites. Taking help of these services is much more profitable than leaving the website to mercy of whims and fancies. A qualified optimizer can decide on the way your site could be optimized to churn the revenues only online business can make.
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