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Natural Foods For Dark Circles

Natural Anti-Dark Circles

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natural anti dark circles
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Dark circles are also known as periorbital dark circles, which are dark blemishes around the eyes. These are caused by many factors such as heredity and age, bruising, allergies and asthma, eczema and anemia. In some people, fatigue, liver problems, hyperpigmentation, and medications that cause the blood vessels to expand or dilate can cause the dark blemishes around the eyes. Next to acne, dark circles are the second most common skin problem and the most common non-hormone skin condition. They tend to make many people look older, stressed, tired, depressed and sick if not treated properly. One popular treatment is the application of a makeup to change the coloration of the skin, or of hydroquinone or aromatic organic compound solution usually mixed with a moisturizer that serves like skin bleach.
Some people with dark blemishes around the eyes resort to drastic remedies such as laser surgery, facelift, dermal filler and dermabrasion to do away with the skin problem fast. There are also those who avail of certain methods to get rid of their dark circles with some degree of patience. These methods include addressing the cause or causes of the problem, use of cosmetics, and application of natural remedies. The first method—addressing the cause—requires doing certain acts that will do away with the possible cause or causes. Getting sufficient sleep nightly can treat the problem if this is caused by lack of sleep, and treating allergies if these allergies cause skin discoloration. If smoking cigarettes causes blood vessel problems and skin blemishes, then it's high time that you quit.
Cosmetic solutions like eye creams with vitamin K and retinol can reduce puffiness or slight swelling and discoloration of the skin around the eyes but only temporarily. The use of cosmetics, however, requires a prior skin patch test to prevent you from using any of the cosmetics that irritates your skin.
Some dermatologists admit there are natural remedies for dark circles that provide benefits far better than cosmetic preparations. They include cucumbers, tea bags, saline solutions, potatoes, a frozen spoon, lemon juice, tomato juice, almond oil massage, rose water, jal neti or nasal wash, among others. The cucumber has long been known to reduce puffiness and rejuvenate the skin around the eyes. A cucumber slice is placed over each eye up to the blemished area while you are lying down face up for about 15 minutes. To be effective, this procedure should be done daily until the dark circles disappear. When you apply cool tea bags over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes, preferably in the morning, they can reduce swelling and discoloration under your eyes. A liquidized uncooked potato placed over closed eyes for 30 minutes while you are lying on your back can likewise do the same job. Ridding yourself of dark circles  also involves application of crushed mint leaves to lighten the skin, a mixture of teaspoon of tomato and lime juice, a paste of fine almonds with milk, and a mixture of fresh pineapple juice and turmeric powder.
Do you know that even washing your feet well and massaging your soles with castor oil can also help in erasing your eye blemishes? This is so because the massage stimulates the pressure points of your eyes on the very soles of your own feet!
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