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How to Call the best attorney for DWI cases in Houston

Call the best attorney for DWI cases in Houston

Author: Jim Carter
DWI or DUI [driving under influence] comes under traffic ticket. Hit and run is the most common case which occurs during DWI along with speeding. It is very serious if you get charged with hit and run. Hit and run and leaving the scene of an accident charges can summoned you in jail.
When an accident happens, we generally don't think straight. What would happen if you stop is the first thing that arises in your mind. There might be reasons that forced you to leave the accident scene. And one of the reasons for many people is that they get afraid then in panic they leave the spot without realizing the consequences.
What should you do?
  • Just stop if you are involved in an accident.
  • You should stop immediately or as soon as possible. Locate the owner of the other vehicle and exchange documents.
  • File a police report as soon as possible
  • Provide help and assistance if someone is injured
  • Leave a note with your information if there is no one in the other vehicle
  • By doing these the police and law will not charge you as hit and run unattended.
The hit and run can be categorizes in two parts:
Misdemeanors: Misdemeanors hit and run involves accident where there was little property damage and no injury. It carries a sentence of minimum six months in jail and fine.
Felony: The accident which involves serious injury, harm and death then it comes under felony. These charges can result in several years in state prison and thousands of dollars in fines.
If you ever involved in an accident then follow the rules given above. Call an attorney who is experience and profession as quickly as possible. Don't try to handle the case all by yourself. Lawyers can advise you with their knowledge and experience. They can make your case strong,Criminal Attorney in Houston have the best lawyers in the town who have handle all types of DWI cases. Lawyers should be eager to represent and defend you against your criminal charges.
Some way to resolve the case of hit and run are "compromise of misdemeanor" a "diversion" or "continuance with a dismissal" or a "bail forfeiture" . But it is up to your attorney to dismiss your case if he is experienced he will find a way to defend your case. So your lawyer should have experience in handling similar cases as yours.
If you fail to take these steps then you are charged with leaving the scene of the accident.
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