Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tips And Guide About Brand awareness 2013

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For anyone running a business, small or large, you already know that your business is dependent on the steps you undertake to find and keep your customers. Effective marketing of your business is crucial to providing your business with direction and growth. Your brand stands for what you want your business and product to be in the public realm. It should be distinctive and memorable. It is part of your personality.

Brands are reflected in a visual language that can be made up of many components such as colour, imagery, words, typeface, animation and symbols. Some brands become household names. Much of that brand identity success is created through building brand awareness.

What is brand awareness?
Brand awareness refers to the extent to which a brand is recognised by potential consumers. It is their ability to recall and correctly associate the brand with a particular product that they they want to buy, or know their needs will be satisfied by a particular brand. Brand awareness is an essential part of any marketing strategy as it helps a brand stand out from the rest in a very competitive, consumer market.

So being visible is crucial to your branding awareness. If your brand is not being seen, existing and future customers will not consider your business or products if they are not aware of it. Business branding is generally expressed as part of day-to-day operations. Using your brand on brochures and catalogues, business cards and uniforms or even annual reports and in traditional print advertising will help reinforce your brand identity. Signage that is visible and accessible in the area in which you trade will also help build your brand.

But you need to also be aware of new and varied ways to market your brand. Strong, effective and highly visible event signage created by professionals will support expansion of your visual brand identity. If you are looking to participate in an event and want to exhibit or market your merchandise, think about consulting a signage company, like Footscray Signarama  to create trade show displays and pull-up portable banner stands. These are simple yet effective visual tools to help draw new customers towards your business and products. Branded event signage can be three dimensional, vary in size and even be illuminated to draw customers to your business. Effective event signage will help your business to spread its brand beyond its current bounds, and encourage  your customers to move along with you.