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Reasons for Undergoing this Cosmetic Procedure

Otoplasty – Reasons for Undergoing this Cosmetic Procedure

Author: M Umesh Kumar
Otoplasty or Ear Pinning refers to the surgery for altering the shape and size of the ear. This type of surgery is performed on people who have big ears that stick out. They are often the subject of taunts and ridicule and many people resort to this type of procedure in the hope of correcting the problem. It is advisable to perform this procedure at a young age though Otoplasty can be performed at a later stage as a corrective procedure. Many people opt for this procedure to escape the ridicule and teasing.
Otoplasty is a procedure that is done to re-sculpt the appearance of the ears, decrease the protrusion, lessen the size and measurement and correct flaws of the ear. When children are young, the cartilages are easier to work on as they are much softer than for adults. The patient is surgically operated upon under anaesthesia.  Depending on the type of reconstruction, the surgery may take two to three hours.
Children do not have to undergo Otoplasty or Ear Pinning procedure
Children should not resort to this type of surgery just because their parents urge them to go through this procedure. Parents should take the emotions of their children into account when they have big ears. It is difficult for children to cope with the pain and recovery period.  No strain should be applied on the ears for the first two weeks and the sleeping position can prove very tedious for children though adults can cope with this situation better. It takes nearly 3 weeks to recover completely from this type of procedure and the ears feel very sore and soft for at least two to three weeks after the Otoplasty or Ear pinning surgery.
Recovering from the Otoplasty or Ear Pinning Surgery
While the recovery period is slow and painful, no other risks are evident after the surgery. Some of the complications that can arise are loss of blood, inflammation and slight bruising which is quite normal after any procedure. Since the incision is generally positioned behind the ear there is hardly any scarring and the question of hematoma is rare.  Patients that undergo Otoplasty do not have any visible scars to show that they have had the surgery.
Children and adults that have undergone this surgery feel more confident as their self-esteem is boosted. It is important that your child is educated on the type of procedure if this type of Ear Pinning surgery is indicated. This procedure is a delicate one and they should be aware of the pain that will follow the procedure. The patient will recover faster when they are aware of the pain and will learn to cooperate when they realize that there is a marked improvement in their looks.
This type of surgery can be performed in a hospital, clinic or an outpatient facility. Since this proves to be elective procedures, most health insurance companies do not cover this treatment. While the procedure is not complicated, the pros and cons should be weighed carefully before Ear Pinning or Otoplasty is performed on the individual.
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