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Some Basic Tips for Adsense Earning

some basic tips for adsense lover(conclusion)

Author: sonabaji
 I just wanna share you some best strategy and tips usually used by Adsense experst so keep it up and never think ever like losers....treat adsense like a business and business always set up after time and efforts so be serious and patient...............follow these methods now im gonna show you and believe me you will be amongst winners.............. first of all make a blog or website......www.blogger is ok and word press blog is better if the host is can also use some free website like webs,com and but it will be great if you consider paid hosting because nothing is completely free in life.   WEBSITE/blog+DATA+ADS+VISITOR=EARNING content sould be your own written is much better Topic choice is everything for example;                                         TOPIC Online PhD degree Phd degree COST PER CLICK = 1000 + (40 cent – 1 dollars) (low cpc songs, movies as a few cents)(Google never disclose which type of topic ads have high cost per click) SEARCH INTEREST = 100,000 (avoid low 10,000) Earn Money: forex, affiliate program, Adsense, internet marketing High CPC High S.V You're Topic of Interest could choose like; Online _____ Degree (MBA, Masters, PhD) Health: Cancer, Cosmetic Surgery, weight loss Students: Study Loan, study abroad Business: Credit, Loans, Mortgage, Forex Technology: Domain Hosting, Software's Insurance: Auto (home, travel, life) insurance quotes (companies, rates, comparison), ______ insurance_____, Topic: Earn Money CPC GSV LSV 1. Earn money with forex 2. Adsense 3. affiliate 4. pay to click Content: Publish Free Content: which is available for publishing Generalize Content: Definitions, Old Books, model papers, fives year, mehndi designs, Fresh Content: re-phrase publish free content or the best part is you can write your own topic of interest. From s0cial media marketing….Face Book is the best Face book: Target: 1000 Friends(make at least 3 different ids and 100 friends each) 1. send to all add as friend 2. join major groups and send req to groups members 3. join pages and send req to members 4. creat a group (500 joining, 500,00 updates) 5. create a business page I. Tools for Guerilla Marketers 1. Profile Page 2. Groups 3. Pages 4. Events 5. Notes and Photos 6. Messages 7. Marketplace 8. Share / Posted Items 9. Networks 10. Mini Feed and News Feed Answers Marketing: 50 per week using 5 sites at lease, not only use yahoo answers. If you are using yahoo answer than use it daily. Level 1, 2, 3, i.e,,,,, Article Marketing: 50 articles per weeks                                                    Forums: 50-200 forums Keyword based forums: beauty forums, health forums, education forums, Directories: Directories generate lot of traffic from websites: *200 directories per week General web directories Categorize web directories Grand directory                                                                                                                          Search Engine Weekly 50 new s.e "free search engine submission"(main are three;Google,Msn and Yahoo) Title: Desc: Key: Email: url:                                                    example site: add me dot com Link Exchange portal: 1.Free party A 2.paid party b - free party enlist - B choose invitation to trade links - A Yes - B places A's link - Then A has to place B's link to complete the trade Other Promotion; Blog commenting Social Bookmarking Ad Posting: •Free classified ads free cassified ads site you can find via Google and sign up then put ads on appropriate category and put your own made ads about your web/blog link)10 ads per day is easy target of yours •       More you can find
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