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Tips About about Detoxification

All about detoxification

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The latest fad among Hollywood stars are detox diets that are used as a fast way to drop extra weight and clean the body. The promise of losing 20 pounds in a matter of weeks and fitting in a smaller gown seems to be tempting considering the pressure to look perfect on the red carpet.
However as young people look up to celebrities, it is not long before 15-year-olds start dieting with the sole desire to look like the girls on the covers of magazines. While the idea of cleaning your body from all the toxins sounds healthy, carefully consider all side effects before jumping on the detox wagon.
Detoxification plans are very low in calories and aim to cleanse the body from any waste product that has been accumulated in the body. The notion that our body need flushing of toxins has no solid justification from biological point of view. Scientists that are skeptical about the idea point out that our body has developed its own mechanism to process waist products. Others claim that once your body is free of all the junk, your metabolism accelerates.
Detox diets rely on different methods to flush out the excess chemicals out f the body. Some are based on herbs, pills or colon cleansing. However, most of these diet plans have the sole purpose of persuading you that the most effective way to detoxify your body is by using a specific product. Before considering any miraculous ''syrup'' costing hundreds of dollars, turn to traditional methods that have been proven to work.
One of the most popular detox diets is based on fruits as they are rich in vitamins. The rule of thumb is the that a detox cannot last for a long; more than a few days of fasting can pose a danger even for a healthy person. Before attempting any severe measures, consult your doctor or physician.
By drastically limiting your calorie intake, your body starts to burn fat as a way to fill in the shortage. The cases of consuming few calories without losing any weight are extremely rare, which is why detox diets are so effective when it comes to weight loss. However, the decrease in the numbers that appears on the scales can be misleading. When the body enters starvation mode, it burns muscle as well as fat. There is no way to accomplish rapid weight loss and maintain muscle mass intact at the same time.
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