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Tips For Small Business VoIP Solutions

Small Business VoIP Solutions

Author: John Kinskey
In the present telecommunication scenario, small business VoIP solutions are gaining increasing importance thanks to their reliability and affordability. VoIP solutions help the small business office to manage its communication requirements in a systematic manner without making any major capital investment.

Cost-Effective and Flexible Communication Choice

Small business VoIP solutions enable users to considerably reduce their telecom expenses. Outbound calls to local and international locations can be made at reduced call charges. Several extensions can be maintained from an existing single telephone connection. Hence, business can be expanded at minimum expense and a virtual business presence can be established anywhere without creating physical offices.

Innovative Call Management Features

Due to the web interface of small business VoIP phone solutions, users can benefit from innovative call management features including auto attendant, voice mail, voice to email, fax to email, call conferencing, caller ID and more.

The auto attendant answers incoming calls with professional reception messages. It transfers calls rapidly to the appropriate extensions according to the menu option selected by the caller.

Using the find me follow me call forwarding option, calls to your main business telephone number are transferred to your alternate phone numbers assigned as extensions. You can therefore maintain constant communication with your clients even from overseas locations. When all extensions are simultaneously busy, callers are directed to the voicemail system, where they can place voice messages. Thus the system eliminates the chances of missing important business calls.

Affordable Communication Solution

It is not necessary to purchase any expensive onsite hardware in order to enjoy the features of small business VoIP solutions. The necessary equipment is maintained at the site of the service provider and the system is provided using broadband Internet or telephone networks at affordable monthly service charges.
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