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Tips on Reduce The Pain Of Knee Osteoarthritis

Severe Knee Osteoarthritis - Ways To Reduce The Pain

Author: Daniel Sims
Severe knee osteoarthritis is a condition that can affect anyone but most often will affect someone who is older or someone who enjoys an active life playing sports. Sports can be hard on the knees and many older people, especially men, will experience severe knee osteoarthritis. Severe Knee Osteoarthritis Pain Symptoms? This can be an excruciatingly painful condition. You will feel agonizing pain when you move your knee or knees and sometimes even when standing still. The pain can stop you from really enjoying activities that you used to. In many cases, someone who enjoys a particular sport will take an indefinite break from the game because of the severe pain. A trip to the doctor is definitely called for if you have agonizing pain in your knees. After a getting a proper diagnosis, the doctor will recommend one or a combination of several remedial treatments including cortisone shots, medication and even surgery. Knee braces are recommended by many doctors for patients who are looking for a less invasive type of treatment that does not involve drugs. Treatment Options Pain Medication - When you have severe knee osteoarthritis, your first instinct is to want to stop the pain. Taking pain medication can alleviate the pain but can be addictive and will build up a tolerance in your system. This means that you could need to take an increasing amount of the pain medication in order get the same effect. Pain medication can eliminate pain, but is only temporary and can have negative long term side effects. Cortisone Shots - Cortisone shots can be very effective at alleviating the pain brought on by severe knee osteoarthritis. However, it is only a temporary fix and the effect will wane as the condition wears on. Cortisone pain shots should only be applied by your physician and can work temporarily for a period of days to weeks. Surgery - Some doctors will recommend surgery depending on your particular situation. Surgical options include Arthroscopy, Osteotomy and Arthroplasty. While knee surgery can help people, it is not always the best answer for everyone. In addition to having a long recovery time, this procedure can be terribly expensive and is not always covered by insurance. Knee braces - Knee braces are one of the best ways to treat knee pain in a non-invasive and safe manner. Designed to fit firmly over the knee and hold the knee in place, braces can help give you the support you need when you need it most. Knee braces are easily available in several venues including online. If you are suffering from severe knee osteoarthritis, you have several options when it comes to treatment. Taking the proper action will help you enjoy your favorite activities with the pain. If you believe that you can benefit from improved knee support and a reduction in knee pain, then you should consider an OA (unloader) knee brace today.
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