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Useful Tips for Pakistani Students for Education in the UK

Students from Pakistan! Useful Tips for Education in the UK

Author: Tony
There's been a spurt in the number of students from Pakistan, applying for UK Student Visas with applications rising in thousands per every quarter of the year. Refusals by the Entry Clearance Officer, are also witnessing a steep climb. One of the many reasons could be the very first tip that I have given below. My insight into writing these tips comes from talking and meeting at least a dozen or so Overseas Education Consultants in Karachi.

The best learning came from Pakistani students studying in UK educational institutions whom I met during these visits. The following tips and advice stems from this encounter.

*FIRST - Be sure your choice of Institution is CORRECT

Check the status of The School, College or University that you select should be *TIER 4 Certified *by Home Office (UKBA) AUTHORIZING such certified institutions to enroll foreign students. REMEMBER: Do not accept any misleading advice doled out to you in Pakistan by these so called "UK Student Visa Experts" who operate with little or no knowledge at all about the UK Border Agency's Rules and Regulations governing Foreign Students.

*SECOND - The streets of London are not paved with GOLD

Your Agent will try his best (or a charming Lady Agent!), to convince you that you can work and earn huge money on a Student's Visa in the UK. FALSE! Remember, your entire education expenses, including Fees, Books, Food, Accommodation, Travel, etc., SHOULD be financed by your PARENTS or GUARDIAN. The money you can LEGALLY earn ON-CAMPUS for prescribed hours only PER WEEK is your "pocket money" enough only to meet small expenses. Sometimes, you may never get your on-campus job for weeks! So, please do not think either of working and financing your studies in the UK or sending money to support your family in Pakistan.

*THIRD - If a girl SMILES, it doesn't mean she is ready to SLEEP with you

*Another aspect of Pakistani students is the sudden, open, cultural attack. They get to see lots of pretty, young women, teenage girls wearing revealing clothes and always SMILING and walking on the streets. Wait! In Pakistan, if a girl smiles at a boy on the street (which is very rare, as Pakistanis never smile, they only frown), it means she is ready to go to bed with the boy. BUT in LONDON or across the UK, smiling means a part of life and is a natural human tendency to put a stranger in the city at ease.

*FOURTH – NEVER make friends with ISLAMIC Organizations or go political

As a student in the UK, KEEP your RELIGIOUS VIEWS, BELIEFS and PRACTICES to YOURSELF. Never join any group claiming to put you back on the right track of Islam because you are under threat in a land where a man can marry another man! Be wary of such characters and avoid their company. Also never join any political, social, or charity group run by Muslims or Arabs or for that reason by any other religion. Also be careful about your room mates and Pakistani friends. NEVER trust them. YOU are the ONE whom you should TRUST FIRST! Your time and money are precious. Just stick to your studies.

Be a good Pakistani Student and set some wonderful examples as you are the BRAND Ambassador of your country Pakistan, needing a lot of damage-repairing.  And YES! When you do get an opportunity to meet a British Politician, DO look him STRAIGHT in the eyes and talk!

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