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Credit Score questions and answers

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Credit Score = 610 next to Secure Credit Card!?
About a year ago, my credit score be somewhere 500-600. So I decided to carry a secure credit card to tilt my credit score. I 've have this card for about a year in a minute, and then fixed to apply for a non-secure credit card few weeks ago. I was DENIED. I be kind of surprised, because I thought a year be long enough to build my credit to qualify me for an actual credit card. So I granted to check my score online through My mark is now 610 (just Equifax). There be 7 accounts on my report:1. Installment Account (School Federal Loans): Status is good.2. 3 Active Collection Accounts: elderly medical bills, cell phone bills.3. Revolving Account: My current secure credit card, Status is also right, I pay prompt, but my balance is usually close to the available credit aim.4. 2 Revolving Accounts: Charged OffMy last 2 years of fee history is good, no missed payments. The distrustful items are old.How can I boost my credit? can my secure credit card allow me to get 700?

Credit Score 530?
I went to obtain a car loan from the pusher ship and they turned me down I make 2,500 a month? Where do I step to get a loan?Please Serious answers!!

Credit Score 638?
I'd had "credit" for 13 months and own three accounts open, one fully compensated off as of a couple of weeks ago and the other two hold higher balance but I've never missed a payment. How am i doing so far?

Credit Score Building - No Score on Transunion?
Hi,I have a Score of 730 on Experian and 743 on Equifax But nought on TransUnion. Few Questions : How do I go in the order of getting rating on Transunion. ? How can I go around improving my evaluation. ? On my Credit Summary, I have 0 lower than all these items for the 3 bureau Experian / Equifax / Transunion: REAL ESTATE ACCOUNTS: INSTALLMENT ACCOUNTS: OTHER ACCOUNTS: COLLECTION ACCOUNTS: ACCOUNTS SUMMARY: Open Accounts: 1 1 0Closed Accounts: 0 0 0Public Records: 0 0 0Inquiries: 5 1 1On My Account History : Account Name: WELLS FARGO BANK Account Number: XXXXXXX Acct Type: Credit Card - Revolving Terms Acct Status: Open Monthly Payment: Date Open: 1/1/2007Balance: $0.00 Terms: Revolving High Balance: Limit: $4,000.00 Past Due: Payment Status: CurrentComments:CREDIT CARDNot much history. What should be my subsequent step to build up fast. Thank you.

Credit Score fixes on Ebay?
Any ever use one of the credit fixes on ebay? If so let me know if it worked or worth it?

Credit Score Increase...?
I have 2 ccj's on my credit report,I have compensated these in full.Once i own made the courts aware of this will my credit score increase.?,And if so by how oodles points.?

Credit Score interview?
I have a credit card explicitly my oldest credit history on my record. I've have this credit card for about 10 years. I want to close this statement as I never use it. If I close this account will it lower my credit ranking? I have lots other credit cards in my entitle that have a suitably long history of 5 years or more, and those are all on perfect terms, rewarded on time, never slow, etc. Again, I never use this account, and it's in actual fact in my Mother's autograph. I am also on the account, but she is the primary card holder. My social warranty number is linked to this side. Will this lower my credit score to remove myself from the reason?

Credit Score Issue - Creditor take responsibility but won't correct issue?
I recently pulled my free credit report and FICO chalk up. I have have impeccable credit for 10 years, with a recent chalk up of over 750 when I bought a home two years ago. In December, a creditor called to influence I was 60 days bygone due on an account I have opened surrounded by August to buy a television. I moved to Atlanta surrounded by August, opened the justification with my unknown address, but they sent bills to an old address that did not enjoy mail forwarding. I hold no idea why they be sent there. I cleared up the justification, the creditor placed everything back contained by good standing - even admit fault within my account resume. Unfortunately, they reported it as 60 days past due and hold told me they can't change the reporting to the credit bureaus (they referenced that they can't move it in the message I received because of the Fair Credit Reporting Act). It is pulling my score WAY down. How can I fix this problem? They acknowledge they were wrong just about where they sent the bill, but they won't verbs it from my report. HELP!

Credit score of 597, 597 and 683?
I have be monitoring my credit for the past 8 months. I hold had some outdated items successfully delete from my account (I deal directly with my creditors AND the reporting agencies- no third parties). My evaluation a year ago was contained by the low 500's-yikes!- due to medical bills from an accident surrounded by college. Anyway, I've been working full time (almost 3yrs) at an excellent opportunity and I am getting ready to purchase a house. I'd fairly wait for my mark to reach at smallest 700 before making any moves BUT I entail to be clear on something. Are credit scores AVERAGED into one amount or are lenders looking at the HIGHEST of the 3 score? I get different answers when I ask this question. Also, as you can see, in that is no 'middle score' for me so that answer won't work either!

Credit Score Question ...?
My credit score is 683, am I going to hold to pay a high-ranking interest rate for a car loan?

Credit Score Question going on for boosting a mark by adding together a 2nd or a integrated user on a credit card explanation.?
Hi. My father is terminally ill and he have a nearly perfect credit win. My score is roughly 700 and I'm painstakingly raise it inch by inch. Is it true I can actually bump up my credit chalk up by naming him as a second user on my credit cards, or perhaps, by slit a joint card next to him? Does this have any unadulterated impact on his score?

Credit Score Question?
I have disputed my credit report and have many/most negative items removed. I own many accounts within good standing, onlly a couple of collection items, but they're over 2 years old-fashioned. I mean, I've have like 10 things delete from my credit I have 21 accounts 'in well-mannered standing' and only resembling 4 delinquent accounts (over 4 years old). Why isn't my score going up at adjectives? What am I doing wrong? I have remunerated all of my bills prompt for the past 2 1/2 years all the same still my credit will not raise.

Credit Score Question?
I received my PLUS Score from Experian and it was 741. Is this virtuous? If so how good? Just curious. Thanks for your backing.

Credit Score Ranges...?
what are the different credit score ranges for respectively risk level?i know it go up to like 800, but what are the ranges for low risk, environment risk, medium-high risk, and high risk?

Credit Score to Rate Companies?
We are at the mercy of Credit Agencies! How about creating a company that Rates Them and others, ceremonial and customer service. The BBB and others do not help.

Credit Score turn up or down ?
For the past 2 years I own had 1 credit card. It is a no-annual-fee card. The credit factor is $ 6,000. Almost every month I charge 4 or 5 small purchases on this card.The card never has any more than $ 500 surrounded by charges on it. I always take-home pay off the match at the end of respectively month. I have never remunerated any interest or fees because I always settle up it off as soon as I receive the statement. Will this practice raison d`ĂȘtre my credit score to increase, cutback, or will it have no effect on my credit gain ? Yes, I realize there are masses other factors that can basis my credit score to budge up or down.

Credit Score Updates?
I just compensated off a huge portion of my credit card bill (13K) and immediately have terrifically little debt. My credit has not be perfect contained by the past and during former times year, paid adjectives my bills on time. Currently, my fico gain is a little below 600. When I can expect that to be in motion up and at what increment?

Credit Score When Buying a Car?
Does buying a car affect your credit rack up? Does it go down because you've made such a considerable purchase, or up because you qualify to buy such an expensive item?

Credit Score! I inevitability to gain it up, and Fast! Any suggestions?
Other than just paying stale high debt, big interest rate lines of credit.

Credit Score, newly get some bright credit...?
I just get pre-approved for 2 new cards and one increase within credit - I have lots of credit already but deeply of debt too. Will this new credit bring up my gain or will it go down? I hold not spent more just did a harmonize transfer, any philosophy...

Credit score/ credit cards?
So recently I canceled three of my credit cards. I really never used them much. I be wondering if I hepled my credit score turn up by doing that.

Credit score/credit reporting?
I had a visa for over 10 years which be included in my collapse. Last year I got a supplement card for my spouse to use. Now they read out it is a joint description due to this supplement card and my spouse has to payment the account within full immediatly and they won't accept any payments, etc. It is classed a doomed to failure debt due to the bankruptcy. Well, I pulled our credit reports and the visa IS on mine and states it is an "Individual Account" unlike items we get together that my spouse is allowed to continue paying.On his report it is not even within. There wasn't even an inquiry when I got the supplement card. There be an inquiry made WHILE I was on the phone beside them to his report.Anyway, does he have to compensate my visa as they say? Can they ruin his credit if it's not even planned as his debt?Thanks!

Credit score/starting over?
If you have two small delinquint items on your credit report that can be taken carefulness of easliy, will your credit resume as good credit without beating about the bush after its cleared?If not, how long does it take to restore moral credit after paying the delinquint debts?

Credit score: Why does everything own to be so clandestine?
THis question be inspired by another poster's question give or take a few credit, and I guess its really aimed at people working surrounded by the lending institutions or those who know a bit bit about it. I really want to know why firms will not explain to you why you have be refused credit for something. i hold often be told that my credit score is too low for enduring storecards but the providers will never tell me why. Instead they refer me to Experian or whoever, but even when I refer to the credit report, I dont really know exactly why it is low. I own no CCJs, have never be bankrupt, I am on the electoral roll. I enjoy a credit card which I alsways pay rotten in full, put aside for a couple of occassions when I accidentally paid overdue. I DO understand that previous residents at my address may affect my chalk up, blah blah, but what I really want to know is why cant stores/lenders give SPECIFIC reason for their refusal rather than me have to guess?

Credit Score?
Does it affect my credit score if I close credit card accounts I havent' used for over a year. I don't use them any more so I call them and had them closed. I still own at least 10 other accounts I use regularly.

Credit score?
Exactly when will I be deemed somebody next to bad credit? I hold overwithdrawn a couple times from my bank, but other recovered it (evenetually). What I am worried about is my electricity bills and cable bills. I income that late adjectives the time and I was wondering if that would effect my credit evaluation?

Credit Score?
I don't understand what credit evaluation is..can someone explain in highly simple terms? and what a obedient and bad credit ranking is? How do you get a upright score or a unpromising one?

Credit Score?
I was wondering if anyone know a place I could go to online to see my credit rack up for free and wont have to use a credit or debit card? Please lend a hand! Thank you.

Whats the best opening for me to go and get a credit card?
I have a great opportunity and no bills but hae a low credit score, I know I'll enjoy to pay a hight intrest rate, but I still necessitate one.

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