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How to Beat an Arizona Dui Charge in Court

 Beat an Arizona Dui Charge in Court

Author: Peter Sands
Now is the time to understand what your up against if facing an Arizona dui conviction on your record. Mandatory jail time and hefty fines issued from the state will most likely discourage you from any hope in getting these charges dismissed. In order to beat an Arizona dui you obviously need a skilled dui attorney. Before you get out the phone book and call any attorney  you must research and find a dui attorney that has a record of beating dui charges.
So how do you find a skilled dui attorney? Well your on your way right here and by researching online. Arizona Dui charges are the strictest in the nation (if you already didn't know that) but that doesn't mean you are automatically guilty.
Think back to your arrest.. Did the arresting officer read you your rights? Or were you performing the field sobriety test in bad weather conditions? Okay so Arizona is usually clear but extreme heat can cause mishaps on the roadside test. Were you aware that the roadside test is voluntary? Were you given a reason to be pulled over? Were you read your Miranda Rights after you were placed under arrest?
Did you just consume alcohol a half hour before taking the breathalyzer test? This means that there is still alcohol in your mouth which does not show your true bac. Breathalyzer inaccuracies have become a consistent error with these machines and can be used to dismiss dui charges.
In order to use some of these in court to beat your Arizona Dui you must find gather all the evidence to use in your favor. Putting all your hope in your attorney is not enough to dismiss the Arizona charges in court. You must do your part in presenting all the possibilities to your attorney. If you are declined your right to proclaim your innocence then I would seek additional help from another Arizona dui attorney.
So how do you get the most out of your attorney and beat your Arizona Dui? The answer is by consulting with an attorney and pointing out all the mistakes the police may have made with your arrest. Do this at the time of the consultation before you pay a retainer. If he/she quickly mentions anything about getting you a plea bargain then i would definitely get another consultation. A quick and easy plea bargain is not a way you can beat your Arizona Dui.  Considering you previous arrest record, a plea bargain is not the best option unless there is absolutely nothing else you can do to beat your dui.
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