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Tips for Private Student Loan Consolidation

Three Effective Tips for Private Student Loan Consolidation

Author: Gerry Water
You can do that with private student loan consolidation lenders. Right now you are probably paying two or more lenders different amounts each month, on different days of the month, at different interest rates, and each with different pay off dates or maturities.
Roll It All Into One
Of course, this situation can be somewhat overwhelming. The cost in postage and stationery alone is enough to set you back. And two great big student loans can leave a hapless former student feeling somewhat hopeless. Never fear - student loan consolidation is here.
What Consolidating Does
By consolidating your private student loans, you can have one payment, one amount (probably with a sum much less than the two or more you are presently carrying), on one day of the month, at one interest rate, and with one maturity date. And, if you are not careful, you can have one big problem.
Three Effective Tips
Many variable come into play when considering what you need to do to get your student loans into a manageable form. If you are not prudent and careful, if you do not shop around for the best interest rates, the best repayment terms, the lowest administrative fees, you could be making moves that will cost your hundreds, perhaps thousands, over the cost of your new student consolidation loan. And that is not what you had in mind, is it?
Effective Tip One - Interest Rates
The first thing you need to do is go online and find a weighted interest rate calculator. This will give an average interest you are paying right now with your multiple private student loans. That weighted interest rate is what you want to aim for when you apply for a student loan consolidation.
If you can, try to get a rate lower than that calculated. Pay no attention to market rates, you want an interest at, or lower than, what you are now paying. If you hold your ground, your lender will come around. They want your business after all.
Effective Tip Two - Fees and Penalties
This is very important. Lenders tend to elide over these facts. You want to know if there are late fees and what is the cost. What about carrying fees and other administrative fees? Consolidation lenders should not ask for application fees, or credit check fees.
If they do, refuse them and find another consolidation lender. Policies vary widely from lender to lender so be sure you get the skinny on any incurring or recurring fees. Do not sign anything until you completely understand it.
Effective Tip Three - Marketing Promotions
Beware of incentives or marketing ploys the consolidation lender may be using to lure unsuspecting borrowers. All too often, fantastic interest rates, very easy initial payment terms, and other little trinkets are offered. After reading the fine print, you suddenly discover that you have signed a variable interest loan, the payment will double in the next year, and all sorts of other nasty terms become apparent. Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it is not true. Consolidation can be a godsend, do not let it turn into a devil's dream.
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