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Why Celebrity Hairstyles Inspire Hairstylists

Why Celebrity Hairstyles Inspire Hairstylists

Author: Grant Romundt
Celebrity hairstyles always create excitement among professionals from the hair and beauty industry. The reasons for this excitement are of course the creativity that comes out these celeb hair and makeup trends.

Several A-list stars are known to frequently change their hairstyles. Some of these hair chameleons include singing superstars Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Several other movie stars (both male and female) are known to change their look regularly.

When celebrities sport new looks, their fans want to copy it for themselves. Copying celebrity hairstyles is not easy, until you have any professional experience; therefore, most people visit their hairstylists to get a hairdo that resembles the one sported by their favourite star.

Until hairdressers keep a watch on the latest trends in hair and fashion, they too can't create celebrity looks for their clients. Thus, it becomes necessary for hairstylists to stay abreast of all the latest hair and fashion trends and try to create some of these so they could master a few specific hairdos that are often requested by clients.

A few extremely popular celebrity hairstyles include the pixie cut, bobs, bangs, side-parts, ponytail, and shags. Even the beehive hairstyle is very popular amongst many women who often visit their stylist to get this retro hairstyle.

If you're a hairstylist who is often asked by your clients – "How do I get Jennifer Aniston's Rachel cut or Mia Farrow's crop" you need to understand these are iconic hairstyles that inspire people even today. Lot of women stay updated about the latest celeb news and often they try to follow it as well. As a hairstylist, having such women as clients is a great opportunity to hone your skills.

Lot of hairdressers complain that their clients don't allow them to innovate. Clients come in, sit in the chair and tell them to cut/style/color hair just as they want it. Since hairdressing is a creative field, doing such monotonous and do-as-directed type of work is boring for most stylists. Therefore, whenever you get clients who are open to experiment new looks and styles, you should jump to such invitations and give it your best shot.

Most of the tips and tricks for hairstylists are helpful when they come from reliable sources, especially from those who have been experimenting with hair themselves. If you observe, you'll see how hairstylists who experimented most succeed in their craft and were known as trend setters. So, if you want to be an acclaimed hairstylist, keep a tab on the latest hair and fashion trends while focusing on celebrity hairstyles.
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